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Far Cry 5 is a brand new game of Far Cry series wich is well known for itís fps open world gameplay.

The game comes with the story of a deputy that have the mission to arrest the leader of a fanatic group of criminals known as ďthe FatherĒ.
The mission goes wrong when you try to arrest their leader and the helicopter crashes after which you have to escape from the criminals.
In your attept to escape, your car falls in the river because the bridge collapsed.
In the end, youíre saved by a man named Dutch, which helps you with clothes and some weapons. And here ends the prologue.

Youíve got a large map with 3 teritories where you will have to fight 3 bosses, after you finish enough missions to clear the region.
You can choose between 9 companions with different abilities.

Boomer is a very usefull companion because you can send him in the middle of the enemy base and the enemies donít get suspicious about it.
If you like to invade an enemy base and forget about stealth, Burger will be your choice.
Itís a bear that can be considered a tank for enemies.

Of course if youíre a fan of stealth gameplay, the game provides that with Peaches which is a cougar that can take down the criminals as silence as possible.

If you need air support you can call Nick Rye or Adelaide Drubman anytime.

And much more.

You will have to hunt for money to spend on guns, explosives, cars, helicopters, planes, clothes and anything you like.

For such a big map, the grapchics are amazing and you canít get bored too easy flying over mountains with planes or helicopters destroying enemy trucks with bombs and mounted guns and exploring every corner of the map.
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