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Softomagic creates the perfect ERP solutions for its clients as per their unique requirements and demands. These ERP solutions are fully integrated as per the enterprise system of the clients in order to bring a great value to every features and the functional area.

Our ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are designed to enable our clients implement the process the way they want for their business. This makes our ERP solutions a perfect solution for every kind of business from any sector. Be it large-scale implementation or the small-scale process, we deliver high-end and customized ERP solutions in India and abroad. Our well-experienced team of ERP developers aims to offer the best in class ERP Solutions to make our clients’ business process easier and more productive.

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At Softomagic, we strive to provide the best in class enterprise solutions. With our cost-effective & hassle-free ERP systems, our clients can easily operate the whole working process with ease focusing more on the development of the business rather then being occupied in unnecessary & time-consuming operations. We deliver our ERP solutions to multiple industries like healthcare industry, pharmaceutical industry, automobile sector, entertainment industry, IT and manufacturing industries.



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