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Our World is changing day by day and we are living in an Era of Cloud telephony. This Flourishing cloud stream extended over to our telephonic communications as well.
Exactly what is cloud telephony.?
While we hear the term cloud telephony, it seems complicated but actually itís really simple and easy to grasp what it is. Itís a method of delivering our telephonic applications to our business that are in cloud. Our traditional business phone system is time consuming and expensive and itís not completely reliable in many terms. Due to these limitations, itís enough reason to prior cloud telephony in business world.
By this blog, Voxbay solutions which is the best cloud telephony company in India seems to explain how cloud telephony works, as well as why itís such a game-changing enterprise solution.
Whether youíre hoping to cut costs or communicate more effectively with your customers, cloud telephony is the solution youíve been waiting for.
Cloud Telephony Ė What it is Actually.?
The term cloud and cloud telephony has been hearing around half a decade. But the term PBX which is Private Branch Exchange is little bit familiar for Enterprise world. Frankly, our new born cloud telephony was seen as a way to replace this traditional PBX that are common, especially for call centers. Simply, we can Explain cloud telephony. Rather than maintaining a phone system software through your server (PBX) thatís in your office, you pay on a subscription basis for a virtual solution that does just the same, if not better. When one of your clients or anyone calls your business and, it is routed through a simple internet connection. Expensive and complicated hardware or ongoing maintenance is not Required for this simple system. Itís Completely virtual. The processes such as Logging, monitoring, operations and analyzing also take place virtually. It leads to a fine system which is running without challenges and without any security problems or errors.
Let us take a deep look at how cloud telephony is used in aBusiness world.

How Cloud Telephony works for a business?

Why to switch up to cloud telephony.?
The main thing that we are considering while we looking for a solution is its cost. The Highlighting feature of our cloud telephony is its costsavings. Many businesses reported that, switching to cloud platform saved 60% of cost on their business calls. While in the case of international calls, reports are about striking big savings. Also, there is no Hazzles of worry as much about the call number and volume or overall usage. Simply, Cloud telephony services are usually charge less per minute comparing to traditional landline systems.
Subscription plan of cloud telephony is like pay-as-you-go strategy. You donít have to pay for the services which you donít actually need to use. The super-next perk of cloud telephony is its flexibility in geographic regions. According to todayís business strategies, team members are no longer to be located in the same office space, but it doesnít have to mean a compromise in their call quality and productivity. Yes, you no need to stay longer in your desk to answer calls only. Because you can pick up the phone anywhere you have an internet connection, the world is your workspace. Work from home, hire full-time remote employees or travel while you work without worrying about your phone service.
And Finally, the most required feature, Reliability. Cloud telephony is simply reliable. All of the components for the service arenít stored in the same local server. This means youíre less likely to experience any service downtime or disruptions while on calls. Itís simply safer, more secure, and better equipped for this digital Era.

Switch to Cloud Revolution
If youíre not already making the switch, now is the best time. Youíll save money, time, and peace of mind. By 2020, 90% of businesses areexpected to be in the clouds. If youíre not including your business in that number, youíre at risk of being left behind in your industry.Itís time to welcome a new era of flexible, scalable workplaces.
Give yourself and your organization the freedom to conduct better calls without the hassle.



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