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Photography Blogs
United States, Pennsylvania
All the best in photography, culture, art, music, film, fashion, and life itself.

Here are some things that I like, and perhaps you will like them too....
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Europe, Sweden
PERUVIAN PORTFOLIO is a project aiming to portrait peruvians
of "all the bloods" and "of all the trades" wide along the astonishing diversity of the country....
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Shutterbug Source Photography Tips
United States, California
Photography tips, articles and resources for the camera enthusiast of all skill levels....
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My eyes see
Europe, Spain
Millions of images and sounds related to art, photography, painting, cinema, etc.. I intend to archive in this area to have a living memory of what they see my eyes over time....
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digital photo,videography world
Asia, India
Digital photography,videography news for your finger tips.we collect many articles about your taste of photo,video....
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Common Sense and Whiskey
United States, Georgia-USA
Combining travel photography with intelligent discussion about interesting international travel destinations. ...
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Eight Minutes Old
Europe, Germany
Black and white photography in a world lit by aged light. From Europe, especially France (Normandy, Paris) and Germany (Berlin, Cologne). Combined with scientific reasoning of an atheist against anti-scientific nonsense and stupid believes. Furthermore some news and explanations on astronomy and physics....
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A Very Grave Blog
United States, New Hampshire
News and updates for A Very Grave Matter, related New England history, genealogy and cemetery news....
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Africa, Algeria
You will find in this blog some photoshop CS3 workflow in the scientific domain
There will be also in the near future some articles about the mistery of the brain and the relation with life religion behavior and so far
Please enjoy ...
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Vlad Creteanu Photography
Europe, Romania
Blog personal de prezentare fotografii...
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dCamera Magazine
Oceania, Australia
digital camera blog for digital camera news, reviews, tips and comparisons...
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Photography Tips
Asia, Malaysia
Features information, tips and hints on all aspects of photography as well as photo editing technique. Your critique, comments and compliments are always welcomed to help me improve and learn....
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Weird Pictures
United States, California
Amazing, weird and funny pictures from all over the world....
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Fotografii diverse
Europe, Romania
Photo from Romanian events....
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Digital Photography Secrets
United States, California
In this Blog we post the best little known secrets, tips and techniques on digital photography. Here you will find how to optimize your pictures in a professional way. All these techniques for better photos were kept in secret from amateur photographers, until now. Go now to find out how you can shoot better pictures of your child, pet or house....
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