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Book Collecting 101
United States, California
Information and resources for book collectors amd book readers....
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Mark's Writer Bloc
United States, Illinois
Site provides free book promotion for authors; and this includes a description of their book, author's bio and excerpt from current book(s). In addition to free book promotion, Mark's Writer Bloc is an online bookstore that has a variety of fiction and nonfiction titles posted weekly. Discover and enjoy the works of new and unknown authors by clicking on their website links for purchases.

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Books 24
United States, California
Online shopping blog for millions of books on thousands of topics at everyday low prices....
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Website Review Evaluation
United States, Georgia-USA
The Good Web Guide, the definitive guide to life online...
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United States, Utah
Free, Open source, Engineering, programing resources and books
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Artseblis Reads
Asia, Philippines
Pushing 60 reads a year. Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Mystery, Historical Thrillers, YAs, and Science Fiction. No Fuss, no frills, just very personal book reviews....
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Free Pharmacy Ebooks
Europe, Ireland
provides free electronic resource and books to pharmacy professionals and students...
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Books on Audio
Europe, UK
Books on Audio Blog and why I like them so much and will tell you why! ...
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free Virtual (ebooks) books for you
Asia, Pakistan
You can download many types of books here without paying a single penny......
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Education Blog
United States, New York
The Guardian's blog on education, teaching and schools....
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Digital Books
United States, Washington
The website of the digital-book readers. Discover the most interesting books and novels. All books available in digital format. Fiction, historical novel, data books, all sorts of books....
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Only the Best Sci-Fi-Fantasy
United States, New York
A resource to help you find the best Science Fiction and Fantasy books out there. Don't waste hours combing the bookstore, enjoy the Pick of the Week, or work your way through the TOP 10 Best Science Fiction and Fantasy books of all time!...
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Preloved books
Oceania, Australia
�On My Shelf� is dedicated to being eco-friendly through selling pre-loved books that are just sitting on the shelves. While cleaning up my books, I figured that it is better for someone else to enjoy the book instead of letting the books collect dust on the shelf. There are so many books that I have read once and do not intead to read them again. They look pretty on the shelf but there is really no point in hording. Hence the birth of �On My Shelf�.

To help you pick out a boo...
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United States, Texas
Thanks for visiting my Official Website. I am the Author of The Heroes of Nightingale and the soon to be Book Two, Obsession in Nightingale. Stay up to date for details and exclusives.
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Hypatia's Hoard of Reviews
United States, Illinois
This website archives reviews written by Elizabeth Barrette. Featured items include books, music, altar tools & supplies, and sundry others. Books include fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Common genres/topics include science fiction, fantasy, horror, gender studies, Paganism and other alternative religions, nature, history, philosophy, science, and so forth....
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