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One of the most interesting aspects of digital marketing tends to evolve almost as rapidly, year after year, or even week after week, day after day. But, with the fast proliferation of emerging technology, habits and patterns, professional marketers need to pay more attention to the future.
Now let’s talk about the future of digital marketing tactics we need to aware
Prioritizing chat bots is amongst the most effective marketing techniques if you're used to chatting to your clients on your website, or through your clients on social media. The basic idea of a chatbot is nothing new. In reality, they have been around since the 1960s. And now, more than 59% of generations and 60% in the United States have engaged with chatbots. Market implementations of consumer-facing chatbots are increasing exponentially. Artificial Intelligence has been able to further improve the key client psychology to connect with chatbots. Developing a chatbot user interface can vary depending on your market, your company, and your intended audience. By 2020, 85 % of our contribution to industry will be made without engaging with any human being. Instead, we're going to use self-service options and chatbots. In fact, customers express their experience that they will respond instantly to customers. According to the Oracle report, 80 % of companies said they are currently using or expecting to use chatbots by 2020.

Conversation marketing is the best way to transform your marketing and sales clients into your customers by the power of live conversations. Builds partnerships and builds authentic interactions for consumers and sellers. The point is clear that customers want more conversational or they scream at advertisers. Making it easy for customers to engage with your company would help you easily transition into more practical leads. This means getting happier customers and happy company. You get satisfactory customer reviews by engaging with chat bots in the most suitable way and this is a milestone for your business. Conversational marketing is developing relationships and generating authentic interactions for consumers and buyers.

Video marketing strategy is not only beneficial to you for a year or two, but it is a method that can give you more results in the coming years. Investing in video marketing tactics will not just pay off right now, it will pay off years to come, not only in the content you make but in the skills you require. 70% of consumers say that they’ve shared their favourite brand videos on the timeline and this is free marketing and free word of mouth. 52 % of users say that watching videos online actually helps to purchase products or services online. 72% of companies report that video marketing aims to increase their conversion performance. More people enjoy web videos to hear about new companies, new companies, innovative products, new services, etc. And if your website contains your video, it's an opportunity to get 50 times more likely to rank organic search keywords. The reports claim that video marketing is a winner for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially during COVID-19. The amount of time a viewer has viewed a video is the most critical aspect of the social media algorithm. So, develop fantastic content that is original, convincing, exciting, or insightful.

Influencer marketing has many advantages, but it is a confusing and challenging technique to create, launch and execute. This is a time-consuming undertaking. Barriers to Get Started Several businesses are pressured to quit before they truly launch. Some kind of development In an influencer marketing campaign, a company establishes a relationship with the influencer such that the person who affects the consumer decides to launch a brand or to give them a direct message or to run a business. Influencers in the community typically have a broad and engaged audience, meaning that advertisers may benefit when the influencer posts or references their content or message. They are able to present the brand Exposure to the target audience in an innovative, natural and substantive manner. It is easier to partner with an influencer that has a wider following that matches your target market than to collaborate with an influencer that doesn't include your ideal clients. But don't judge influencers based purely on the size of the crowd. If you have the right audience you want to meet, it's easier to pay more attention to them. In reality, 58 % of people have purchased goods over the last 6 months simply on the basis of influencer endorsements.

Micro-moments is the moment that is the person occur spontaneously turn to a computer to discover more, do something, discover something, see something, or buy something. They are moments of intent when making decisions and formulating goals. In these times, consumer demands are stronger than ever before. According to Think With Google, 53 % of shoppers say they're still doing research before shopping to make sure they're making the best decision possible .Moments before marketing ever occurs these are the moments when you're a business owner or an entrepreneur, as a marketer doesn't really have any influence of it, so you should attempt to put the content/business as the next logical alternative. Something triggers in their minds that they need to know something, go somewhere, do something, or buy something. It's a micro-moment or zero moment of truth. The popular brands of tomorrow are those that have the approach to recognise and fulfill the needs of the consumer in these micro moments.



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