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A hot topic of discussion among this yearís NEET students and NEET aspirants is Ė Will NEET exam be conducted twice in 2021?
Looking for best IIT-JEE in Vadodara? Contact RJ Vision. In this blog post, RJ Vision explains details about NEET 2021 happening twice in 2021.
Well, the news of NEET happening twice in a year became a debatable question due to a related comment from Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' some days back.
Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' in a press meet said that all possibilities are being explored such that NEET 2021 can be held twice in a year for the comfort of the student.
Another news story says that the National Testing Agency has written to the Union Health Ministry about conducting NEET 2021 two times a year.
However, Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' did not add any details to his comment and neither further has been heard from the Ministry of Education. There is still no official or confirmed statement from the National Testing Agency about NEET 2021 happening twice in a year.
Confirmation about whether NEET will happen twice in 2021 is expected to arrive as a statement in the official website of the National Testing Agency or as an announcement from the education ministry.
The next much discussed and speculated topic of discussion related to NEET 2021 exam is its dates. Dates of NEET 2021 have yet not been announced or published in the National Testing Agency website. NEET 2021 dates will be announced on the official website of the National Testing Agency.
Students are now waiting for the official announcement about NEET 2021, whether itís happening twice this year and its dates.
According to RJ Vision - medical coaching institute in Vadodara, there are two implications of the decision of conducting NEET exam twice in 2021:
a) Scope for children:
The positive aspect of NEET if conducted twice in a year is - one extra chance that students would get. Even if one of their NEET attempt does not qualify, they have another scope to improvise their performance.
b) Pressure for students:
Another side of the coin for NEET if conducted twice in a year is - it would create pressure for the students. Also the time span for preparing for each NEET exam would lessen.
For now, it is all about waiting to hear from the Ministry of Education or National Testing Agency about their decision of conducting the NEET exam twice in year.
The only official information by far received about NEET 2021 is about its syllabus. The syllabus of NEET 2021 remains unchanged.
Based on the official statement received about the syllabus of NEET 2021, at RJ Vision, teachers have started preparing NEET 2021 aspirants with utmost care such that students are prepared and can perform their best in NEET 2021, whenever the dates are announced.

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