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Commute Free Me is a blog for the global working from home community where youíll find practical hints and tips to make the most of home working life.

I set up Commute Free Me after reflecting on my own working from home journey. After being thrust into the world of full-time home-working in 2019, I naively thought adjusting to working from home would be easy. I was certainly the envy of my friends who consider working from home the dream.

The reality is, working from home can be tough. I hadnít been at all prepared for the mental challenges that come with working from home. I felt lonely, isolated and sometimes like I might be going mad!

Despite the difficulties Iíve faced, I wouldnít change the way I work. For me, the benefits of working from home far outstrip the negatives of being tied to a corporate office. Challenges can be overcome, after all, and make you a stronger person in the process.

Commute Free Me is a place where home-workers can find practical advice to make the best of working from home. From ways to boost productivity to advice for protecting mental health, you will find all the guidance you need on Commute Free Me.



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