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Fundly ( is a downstream supply chain finance company, which is on the mission to catalyze the business of millions of real entrepreneurs of India: Retailers and distributors by providing tech solutions in simplified credit, payment optimization, and B2B marketplace, thereby enabling them to thrive.A multi-layered distribution channel is the most common method of distribution under which the producer sells to the wholesaler who, in turn, sells to the retailer, who finally sells to the consumer. In this system, the wholesaler is granted a certain portion of the total profit, in turn for which he or she buys stores, sells, delivers, and extends credits.The channel provides several benefits to both manufacturers and consumers, however in doing so, the money gets locked in inventory and debtors, thereby creating inefficiencies in the system. The magnitude of the challenge is heightened at the bottom of the pyramid, where most of the businesses are micro or small enterprises. These entities lack access to timely and suitable credit and have limited negotiating power.



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Date Added : 20-9-2022