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Boston Knucklehead is very new and fresh company recently started in 2008. Growing up in and around the city my whole life I have been surrounded by some pretty interesting people. Most of the people I have ever known have been some of the biggest knuckleheads I know. I have traveled to many cities in my life time but Boston truly continues to be one of the most unique cities I have ever encountered. Boston Knucklehead is a Boston based clothing line starting with Boston themed t-shirts and hats dedicated to those who are proud of being from this great city. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sports fan or not, those born and raised in this city will always have a little knucklehead in them. This Boston apparel company portrays what it is to be proud of something big. Walk up to anyone Boston native rocking the Boston Red Sox t-shirt, a Celtics hat or just eating a bowl of chowda and they will tell you why they love this city. I do, and that is why I started this Boston based clothing company. Please keep checking in with us as we have many new products in store for the future.

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Date Added : 3-9-2008