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Choose your required tests with the best labs, schedule sample pickup, receive online reports you can share.

Even as medical care and technology has evolved constantly, the process of diagnostic lab testing has remained the same. It takes too long even for simple procedures, which is very inconvenient in our hectic schedules and through heavy traffic. At Medicrew, we solve all the issues with accessing quality, affordable, and trusted diagnostic services. Our goal is to help you book your lab tests from any lab in your city, schedule a sample pickup according to your convenience, interact with the right professionals to resolve all your doubts, and deliver your reports digitally so you can access them anytime, anywhere. Moreover, there is a digital record of all your lab tests, so any medical professional can monitor and analyse your conditions immediately. With Medicrew, you are in safe hands. We have experience of more than 2 decades in offering quality healthcare to our customers, and we are bringing this expertise into the digital space to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care that you deserve.

Stay on top of all your diagnostics and lab requirements with one app that will put you in touch with the most trusted laboratories in your cities. Medical tests can be easily accessed and accomplished with professionals handling every step of the way. We also offer specialized packages for different requirements, for entire families, corporates, etc. With the widest range of diagnostic tests and medical procedures (and more being added every day!), you can be sure that all your requirements are taken care.



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Date Added : 20-6-2022