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A business of any scale always intends to be on the top and this can be achieved by outperforming the competitors to stay on the top of the trend and adopt the ever-changing marketing landscape. Blogging is one of them, so let us understand what is a blog?
A weblog or commonly known as a blog is a piece of information published in the form of an online journal to put forward the views of experts on any individual matter of their expertise.
If you own a small business, you should utilize every tool available in the market to generate business, the blog being one of them and also the most crucial one. With the shift of consumers to the online world, it has become extremely important for small businesses to have a very strong online presence and communicate the benefits of opting for the product/service you are offering very thoroughly via content marketing. Let us understand why a comprehensive marketing strategy combined with quality content gives a holistic approach to your business strategy.

Increase traffic to your website
Do you need traffic on your website? Of course, who doesn’t?
Until you have traffic on your website, how will they convert into your potential customer? Right.
People who already know you can type your name into a browser and find you but it won’t allow new visitors on your website. So, let us look at ways of generating quality traffic on a website.
• Buy some data relevant to your business, create an email campaign, and send to redirect traffic to your site (Never do this, it is not legally allowed).
• Choose the relevant social media channel and run a paid campaign or go for search engine marketing to generate traffic to your site. No, I am not kidding. I know, this is not feasible for small businesses as it requires a large amount of investment.
Write blogs. Isn’t it easy? I know, it is not easy yet a convenient and financially viable method to generate a sufficient amount of traffic to your website. The more fresh and informational content you post on your website, the better are your chances of visibility on search engines and drive organic traffic. The more frequently you post content on your website, the better exposure you give to your audience to understand your business.
Boosts search engine optimization ranking
Any search engine aims to provide the best and most valuable result to its user on the top of SERP. So, writing unique content that can solve the problem of your potential audience can be a breakthrough. It will have a dual benefit since you are regularly updating content on your website, the search engine will give you priority in the ranking, and with the blogs, you can provide information that your customers are seeking so you will get visitors as well. It will also let your readers share the information with others so probably they will read too and create brand awareness. The best thing is it comes with zero cost.

Build customer relationship
With blogs, you can easily engage your existing customer by providing regular updates and drive potential customers. Good quality and informational content will help you build the trust of your customers in your brand.
Do not underestimate the power of blogging as it can do wonders at a very minimal or no cost. It is used by search engine optimization companies to get rank on a search engine for their clients along with other activities.



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