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When we talk about the ambulance and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, we are actually counting on the idea of an emergency. For instance, when we reach for 911, in such case, ambulance services are there to assist us due to urgent medical attention needed. While the need for non-emergency services is clear from its name which refers to the situation which does not require immediate medical supervision. Actually, the ambulance services try to reach ASAP to avoid any kind of serious injury or death and the use of the air and ground patient transfer services entirely depends on the criticality of the situation. Also, the ambulance services do not require any pre-booking or authorization while non-emergency services do require authorization and payments.

Generally, you would need to hire an ambulance when there is a sign of serious injury which requires the immediate attention of doctors. These are actually the situations which may prove to be fatal if urgent care is not provided. Some of the common situations which may need an ambulance to include heart attacks, car accidents, falls, and any condition which could be life-threatening. however, the basic cost for an ambulance ride can vary from $600 to $ 1 000 depending upon the situation. All the ambulance services which have a staff to support the patient along with life support facilities cost around $ 800 to $ 1000.

On the other hand, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is needed when the patient does not require immediate medical supervision. It can be a condition which requires dialysis or can be a medical appointment for any physical therapy. They are also hired when the family does not have any other option for taking the patient to the hospital. Also, there are certain patients who suffer from a physical impairment which may need special care for taking to the medical facility. There are also certain vases which may need to travel across different cities or countries, in such situation, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is needed as an ambulance are generally meant for shorter distances.

Hiring ambulance services may cost you thousands of dollars when you can manage to have the treatment delayed. Thus, it is always a good move to get medical transport services when you do not require medical treatment in an emergency because it is both affordable and reliable for non-urgent situations.



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