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Knowledge and Education should be fun and interesting. The education system we are following now is still based on the system created in the industrial revolution. It is a system to create workers for factory lines.

Our technologies changed but our educational system is not. It is time for a change.

Introducing Pgs edu app. It is a free educational application, which will teach your children the importance of values in our life.

This learning application will provide such lessons to your children through fun videos and interesting games.

Pgs edu app will help your child become a good human being.

The contest held in this application also helps to showcase their talent and fine their ability to think.

Helping other human beings is the integral part of humanity. The application is equipped with an option, which allows the children to give their donation to charitable activities. But only by the supervision of their parents.

Such facilities will help them to understand the struggles of other people. And mold them into much more responsible personalities.

The highlight of this application is it teaches the children such big lessons in a fun and enjoyable way. They children don't even feel the wait of the seriousness, but they will understand their importance in life.

In the age of social media platforms which escalate hatred and misogyny, the importance of applications like Pgs app getting relevant everyday.



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Date Added : 1-4-2021

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