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Kopiki aims to bring both sides of the business world together across global territories and sectors, enabling buyers to find new suppliers that are then very likely to do business with.

We score local business higher in our algorithm but also enable you to engage with international suppliers for import as they may provide a good price or additional value.

The core to Kopiki b2b matching software is ensuring the buyer and supplier start a relationship before identities are revealed. This protects both parties and ensures that when contact details are requested - by the buyer, both parties have already started the journey to carrying out business together.

How do you generate sales leads for your business? Is it working and cost effective? Kopiki was built on 20 years of sales experience to help solve the problem of generating quality leads that are very likely to convert.

Every company manages sales leads differently; some do not need them as they have a loyal customer base, others have invested in whole teams and systems to ensure they have a regular supply or businesses will try one or more of the many lead generation services out there. It is always a balance between, cost, volume and most importantly return on investment.

Kopiki considers the process from the buyer’s perspective, what is the problem they are trying to solve? The buyer does need to make a purchase and find new suppliers. Think like a buyer, where do you look? This could be referrals from friends, search engines, directories, other marketplaces. However, the process takes time and you still may not get the right supplier, mainly you are not in control of the process. Kopiki can help.

We allow the buyer to post what they are looking for within anyone of our 10,000 categories. This begins the b2b marketplace process which is an anonymous environment for the buyer to interact with suppliers. Kopiki then invites matching suppliers to join the b2b marketplace, if you receive an invitation you can decide if the buyer is right for you and if not then wait for one that is. When you accept an invitation, you join in the marketplace and can interact with the buyer, most importantly start to build a relationship – at this stage it is still all anonymous which means you are on a level playing field with your competitors. When the buyer is happy to do so they will end the marketplace and if you have been selected then you will receive the buyers contact details. The Kopiki process means you are very likely to do business if selected.

A good example is Sipcom that was looking for IT contractors. They posted a requirement, only the recruiters that could fulfil the requirement joined the marketplace. Following further chat in the marketplace, 2 were selected. They then went on to do business together

Kopiki only introduces buyers and suppliers we do not get involved in the transaction, this means you only pay for using the service making it simple and cost effective.

We are a UK business and building up users across sectors and territories we cannot guarantee leads but we can say they will be highly qualified when you get them. Users have signed up from 42 different countries which offers the potential to explore new markets for your business too.

Choose your role as buyer or supplier and sign up today at



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