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Count from the color of the walls to the equipment you use. The office becomes our extension and, therefore, it is worth combining issues as comfort with everything that highlights our personality and allows us to feel in an environment that stimulates concentration and creativity.

Plants, what you can not miss: Its green brings joy and peace to the office, in addition to relieving stress and eliminating air pollution. Therefore, they cannot be missing, no matter what type of space you have or are conceiving.

If there is little light or your desk is in a cubicle, look for a shade plant such as potos, philodendrons, zamioculcas and sansevieria, also known as the tiger tongue. But, if you sit by a window or your office has good natural light, you can opt for a fern, jade, glauca and any type of cactus

The color, another king: To achieve a harmonious environment, we must look for a color that stimulates us and does not generate stress or suffocate us. The white color is always a safe bet since it helps concentration and in addition to luminosity, it offers a clean and general order aspect. Combined with a touch of color, it can be the perfect formula. Meanwhile, gray, mixed with materials such as metal or wood, communicates modernity. For furniture, modern offices tend to opt for green, perfect for those who work generating ideas, conquering new customers or markets; blue, suitable for offices and very stressful spaces; red, excellent for decorating a modern fengshui style office; yellow, which stimulates communication and favors the activity of the brain or orange,

Smart technology: We are in 2019, when technology has been able to unite design and power come together to create unique devices. For example, the Swif series by Acer, a beautiful, lightweight, versatile team that you can always take with you or proudly display in the office, making it a perfect platform to create and share content. Your laptop may not be an anachronistic or "weird" object in your environment, but a versatile device that suits you.

The extra: Vases, wicker baskets, or any other type of crafts will offer the extra that your office needs. Another extra? The stones. Choose several, of medium size, and have them in the appropriate way to form an original composition on a decorative plate or on the table.

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