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>Firstly, it is important to understand that Singapore is a small city and has an efficient and well-priced public transport system, so do not be put off by distance from the centre of the city. Cheap hotels in Singapore can be found even in the more luxurious districts.
As with most getaway spots, it always pays to book early. Cheap hotels in Singapore will cost less, and those originally out of your spending budget may suddenly become very affordable. Prices also go up around the time of the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix in September, and also between Christmas to the new year, so at those points in the year even budget hotels in Singapore charge a lot more for their accommodation.

It is not difficult to find the low rate hotels if you know how and where to search for them. A cheap hotel can be found all over the place. You can find the good hotels wherever you go and it can also change your trip.

First of all, asking your friends and family who have traveled to the place you are going to go be is the great way to discover the hotels. Your buddies will be able to tell you what the destination you plan to visit is like, including accommodations, places to visit, and at what cost. The hotels might not be the place that your mates have been; however, they can recommend you some nice cheap hotels that you might want to stay. Your family members can also tell you which areas have the lowest priced hotels
How to book Top 10 hotels in Singapore

Singapore is an expensive city and with the influx a lot of tourists in this area, you'll find that hotels in Singapore are always booked in advance.

Some of the cheap hotels in Singapore are briefly discussed below:

Fragrance Hotel - Sapphire : This hotel is for business, leisure and entertainment purposes. It offers different types of rooms as well as luxurious suites. It provides ample of activities like golfing, outdoor pools, shopping, casino gambling, spa and fine dining on sites. It offers banquets and meeting rooms for business purposes.Utilitarian rooms in a straightforward budget lodging that offers free on-site parking.

Fragrance Hotel - Ruby : Straightforward budget hotel with unfussy rooms (some with smart TVs), plus free parking & Wi-Fi. Its environment is very peaceful and surrounded by many parks and garden. They offer different ranges of full furnished rooms, swimming pools, green landscape and restaurants which offer different varieties of food for you.

Fragrance Hotel - Pearl : Simply decorated rooms in a contemporary budget hotel with complimentary Wi-Fi & parking.It has spacious rooms which are well furnished, a spa and an outdoor pool.

Venue Hotel : Stylish rooms, some with soaking tubs, in a contemporary hotel with complimentary Wi-Fi & parking.It has spacious rooms along with modern equipment like tea/coffee maker, a big and flat screen TV and many more. Changi International Airport is very near from this hotel

Perak Hotel : Cozy rooms in a laid-back hotel with a lobby lounge & a koi fish pond, plus free breakfast.

Wanderlust Hotel : High-concept hotel featuring cool rooms with free minibars, plus an industrial French restaurant.

Marrison Bugis Hotel : Modern, polished rooms with free Wi-Fi, as well as an Italian, French & Japanese restaurant.

Aqueen Hotel Balestier : Basic hotel with a modern vibe, offering streamlined rooms with air-conditioning & free Wi-Fi.

Harbour Ville Hotel : Contemporary rooms in a roadside hotel featuring a snack bar & a patio, plus a fitness room.

Aqueen Hotel Balestier : Basic hotel with a modern vibe, offering streamlined rooms with air-conditioning & free Wi-Fi.

When is the best time to visit Singapore?

Singapore’s the most perfect holiday destination for a shopping getaway, family holiday, or even an island escapade. Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture is also reflected in an array of festivals all through the year, so you can immerse yourself in the local traditions no matter when you go.

The most celebrated festival of the Chinese calendar, Chinese New Year, usually takes place in January or February. Enjoy holiday markets, lion dances and lots of festive feasting during this period. You can also check out the annual Chinese New Year Chingay Parade, where performers take to the streets in celebration of the Goddess of Mercy’s birthday.

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