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Madico® Commercial Window Tints for your solar heat issues.
Solar window films are available is different shades and even colors to suite your ever increasing taste and demand for window films. Solar window films with their solar heat rejection, UV and Infra-red rejection properties without hindrance to your visibility are appreciated and demanded in modern day buildings with huge sun roofs and, open terraces and sky roofs and balconies. These modern day buildings have to be energy efficient and environment friendly at the same time.
Do you have big windows or sun roofs, sky balconies which transmit heat, glare into your office, residential property resulting in discomfort and inconvenience to the occupants, and increasing your energy consumption for cooling these spaces if “yes” we have a solution to your problem. MADICO® Solar Control window film (Solar Tints) once installed on glass surface can reduce upto 80% of the Suns solar hear, 91% glare reduction, and 99.9% harmful UV ray reduction. Also a huge reduction in energy cost. You can convert those hot spots into cool spots with a little investment. MADICO® window film come with a life span of 15 to 20 yrs, ZERO maintenance once the film is installed on your glass and a manufacturer’s warranty against any discoloration, peeling, bubbling between 5 to 10 years depending on the type of film.
These films are way forward to achieving the energy efficient targets and at the same time having the luxury of enjoying the view of beautiful landscape outside you properties. Architect can design such master pieces, landmarks to your city landscape without a second thought. Elaborate use of glass facades on buildings is new trend for high-rise buildings weather residential or commercial; this is now possible with our energy efficient window film product. Decorative window films with different patterns designs, color and printed work can also be installed to such window glass and roofs to add a decorative touch to their appearances and to add a tinge of privacy to the environment. Natural light through these huge glass windows and roofs can assist you in reducing your energy consumption during the day and window films with their energy saving impact on your air-conditioning cost add to it. Thus for buildings with huge glass structures and window films installed can be a win-win energy saving combination. Window films can add to more cash in your pockets in terms of savings in maintenance cost and operational cost. Solar window films are also available in safety security film format, to be installed on venerable glass which is prone to breakage and cause lethal injuries to people. Window films can be a lethal combination to your property glass, for more information, enquiries and questions on the whole range of window film products from Madico® kindly call us – “Solar Scape Nigeria Ltd”
We are authorized distributors of Madico®window films which are a US company for the West African market with a base in Nigeria.



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Date Added : 5-6-2020

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