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Pigeons are seen everywhere spoiling our property like the home or office building. Lording it over your balconies and rooftops make you feel irritated. To have the control or ownership of air conditioning vents, crevices, and ramparts, the pigeons have beaten their competitors such as sparrows, almost to extinction. Although several environmental challenges have controlled other birds, pigeons not only survived freely but prospered. Perhaps no other bird has gained as much from urbanization as the pigeons. It has provided them the most essential things: a safe area to nest, a continuous feeding place helped by people (having do good feeling), and most of all, the absence of hunters, completely wiped out by urbanization.

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There are many eco-friendly pigeon control devices which are effectively used to make homes pigeon proof.

Bird spikes: When you are looking for bird control devices, anti-perching and anti-roosting plastic bird spikes are the best solution. They aid you to keep the pest birds away from the rooftops, light fixtures, AC vents, security cameras, walls, balconies, and signage. They can be easily installed using glue, screws. These bird spikes are available in different colors, you can even get brick red, crystal clear, white, light grey, black, brown, etc.

Toxicbird control: These bird control repellents involve pellet guns, avicides (bird poisons), shotguns, and toxic traps. These bird control methods have a number of drawbacks. They are restricted to some place and is effective for short time. They are not suitable for the place where a large number of pest birds infest. They are banned to use against many species of birds.

Propane gas cannons: These produce the flash of lightning bangs to scatter birds on golf courses school, campuses, stadiums, and any other wide-open places. While these pigeon control devices do scatter the pest birds but at the same time, they also create quite a disturbance to people staying near that area. Thus, this may not be considered the best choice to deter pest birds.

Ultrasonic devices: These bird control devices help to prevent birds entering in the area where it is installed. When birds hear the sounds emitted by these devices, they get scared and do not try to land there. These ultrasonic devices also annoy dogs and cats with its particular sound.

Wind-powered bird spiders: You can create an intimidating bird barrier by using wind-powered bird spiders. This is considered as one of best bird control devices. It has long, spindly limbs that keep the bird pests from the rooftop, ventilators, windows, AC units, blinds, balconies, solar panels, skylights, and other elevated areas. These pigeon repellent devices come in different lengths to cover bigger areas of pest bird deterrence.

Bird repellent gel: The bird repellent products that come in gel or liquid form, are sticky, soft, or hot. The use of these product makes bird landing difficult and discourage them to roost or even land in that area. These products are available at reasonable price in the market and can be quickly applied by a novice for immediate results.



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