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Ultrasonography is a very safe process but a technician is needed to interact with the patient and position them, manipulate the transducer, record the images and interpret the images that are produced. For example, some ultrasound procedures require no patient preparation, while for other procedures patients have to be instructed not to eat or drink water for six to ten hours before imaging. For other procedures, the patient has to drink two to three liters of water for better visualization of images. The ultrasound technician will prepare the patient by providing them with specific instructions and guiding them through the procedure. During the procedure, the technician will apply a water-based gel on the body part and then select the right transducer and manipulate it on the patientís body. Ultrasound technicians are trained to recognize the live images of the body as they appear on the computer screen. If necessary, the technician may also call in consultant physicians to evaluate live images for potential medical emergencies. Ultrasound technicians also carry out imaging in OTs to help physicians carry out medical procedures like lumbar punctures, biopsies, etc.
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