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Not only do we do residential tree care, but we also do commercial tree care here at Best Tree Care Kingwood. In commercial and industrial parks, you will notice the amount of trees that line the roads and parking lots. Trees add a touch to commercial areas that may otherwise be too ugly and gray with concrete. We at Best Tree Care Kingwood maintain those trees in commercial areas so you do not have to. If you work in an office environment, you do not have to worry about who takes care of the trees, we will worry about that for you.

Another aspect of our job here at Best Tree Care Kingwood is we will remove dangerous trees and unsightly stumps for you. We want you to be as safe as possible, and although we love trees, some trees simply are not safe and tree removal is absolutely necessary. We want to remove unsafe trees before it is too late and it damages a person, pet, or your property. No one wants that. Trees can become extremely dangerous when they are in extreme weather situations, so it is not worth the risk to keep those trees. A tree may seem okay in regular weather conditions, but you have to imagine them in the worst weather conditions. You do not want those trees falling through your home. Trees are a thing of nature, and while they can be extremely beautiful, especially when they are groomed by us at Best Tree Care Kingwood, they can also be extremely dangerous, like other things in nature.

Another dimension of tree removal is, of course, the previously mentioned stump removal. Stumps are not as dangerous as hazardous trees are, but they do present a huge problem for a number of reasons. For one, if you have a tree that is chopped down, you probably do not want to keep the stump around. Stumps can be nice for sitting on and sometimes decorating, but if you chopped the tree down, you probably did not want anything to be there anyway. That is where we come in. Even though we always recommend that we chop down your trees, because chopping down trees can be dangerous, if you feel the need to chop down a tree, we will remove the stumps. You can chop down a tree if you are very careful and make sure not to hurt anyone. However, very few people can remove a trunk. The roots of trees run very deep and require a lot of effort and machinery in order to completely uproot.
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