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People often ask whether travelling is fun or not, but they forget to realize that if something is not experienced, it doesn’t give justice to be asked. While considering the beautiful places in South Africa, Cape Town holds a reputation for being an adventure playground which you can visit by taking car rental services in Africa. Cape Town as a place has some stunning sceneries, where a person can see wildlife animals roaming free, wine getting produced in the winery, and art with history. If you have plans of visiting this place, here is the list of the things you can do. If you’re ready then let’s get started.
The Winelands in Cape Town is a well-known part of South Africa and you can come here for a few days. If you want then you can hire luxury car rental services in Africa. You can come for the scenery and tasty wine. Here you can find the best vineyards situated around Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl and different others where you can get wine tastings, cellar tours along with some gourmet farmhouse meals. If you want to go for a standard road trip, then you can take the tour on the hop-on, hop-off Franschhoek Wine Tram. It is a vintage-style open-top tram that is known to be the best way to see the Valleys, allowing you to get on and off whenever you want in the route for sightseeing, lunch or a wine tasting. You can also listen to the commentary which talks about Franschhoek history and the evolution of the wine industry in this place. If you want then you can hire Cars in Africa’s car and visit this place with a passion.
One of the other famous places in Cape Town is its Table Mountain which is described to be the most iconic sight. Hiking Table Mountain will not be advisable for the peeps who are afraid of heights, but it is great for people who try it as you will get an experience to see the views from the peak. People can find walking trails for the mountains, where the most known one is the Platteklip Gorge Trail. It is one of the fastest direct routes, which is steep and goes in a straight line. The trail which has the best views is the India Venster Trail, but it is challenging and takes up around few hours. If you want to visit this place then you opt for car hire that you the best car rental services rates. Another trail that is bigger is the Skeleton Gorge Trail which is a leisure walk and has pretty flora and fauna surrounding the trail. People who have completed the Table Mountain and still have little enthusiasm left can abseil their way back down where a number of companies are there to offer you a chance to do this while you are there. If you are not interested in climbing Table Mountain then there is an option for you to take the cable car up on the peak. It might not be as intense as hiking but when taking the cable car it would still be a thrill experience to enjoy the views in relaxation.
Cape Town is great when you get to explore the beauty of the place from the heights. Here Paragliding is another adventurous thing to do while you have come here because it is fun and gives you breathtaking views across the beaches, promenades and cliffs. You can experience this by travelling by any car rental services in Africa like us. If you want you can go for a luxury ride from Cars in Africa. Other than that if you want to add a paragliding adventure to your trip then you can book this package online from any website which provides a complete offer. It should include equipment and safety training in addition to an individual’s personal pilot, if a person has not done this before, then this is for them. The flight begins at the top of Signal Hill and lands at Sea Point after a ride. The flight will make you happy and is smooth where the person can experience things.
Therefore, these are the things that you can do while you are in Cape Town.



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