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Ferro Titanium is one of the basic components of modern development. At least two metals are mixed together in a specific proportion to make ferroalloys. Ferro combinations are iron composites where the fundamental part is iron or steel. It needs manganese, silicon, zinc, and molybdenum to be blended with iron for making ferro compounds.

At M/s Bansal Brothers we provide special grades of Ferro Titanium with low Carbon and low Aluminum wherein Carbon is max. 0.1% and Aluminum is max 5%. we can add Oxygen and Nitrogen levels as per customer's specifications for being the best ferroalloys manufacturers in India. As well as we provide Ferro Titanium Cored Wire to cater to the needs of varied industries. They are available with the following chemical composition.Ti:68-70%.

Ferro compounds have an incredible interest in the mechanical region for its elite qualities and offering the best ferroalloys manufacturers in India.



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