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We believe in hard work. We believe in its ability to motivate a society, to mold a character, and to change the shape of things to come. Hard work gets us up in the morning, and lets us sleep easy at night, no matter what our daily functions are. Itís a big part of who we are as a team here DutchCrafters, everyone from the craftsmen to the CEO ó weíre hard workers, and very proud of it.

Speaking of the team, we should note that itís another way that we work ó as a team. Itís part of the reason that we overhauled this blog. Itís because we want you on our team. We want you to be more than the fans, we want you to be the players, too. We want your pictures, your comments, your ideas, your concerns and your triumphs, because we believe that if everyone works hard, and works together, then the result canít help but be extraordinary.

So, what does extraordinary look like? Modern, multifaceted content. Design and decor to DIY and desert. Insider peeks, top trends, fresh inspiration. Original posts, guest posts and curated content from the best that the web has to offer our readers.

Sound like a lot of work? You bet. And weíre in.
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