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If you actually want to spend a lot of time, you can make anyone look at least 20 years younger! This is a lot of work and sometimes it’s just not worth it.
Here are only some things to keep in mind when it comes to look younger in photos:

• Brighten the Eyes with dodging and levels
• Make Bigger Eyes by choosing a large portion in the region of both eyes (do one at a time), to make them slightly larger copy to a new layer and using transform (Ctrl+T). Most likely be required blending the layer and using a layer mask is your best option.
• Shrink the size of the nose and ears and make the face a little skinny using the same method as above
• Lower the hairline and shoulders as like as the copy-pasting and masking technique
• Make straight crooked smiles with the same methods described above.
• Pay attention to the hairstyle—people tend to make it poofy to hide hair loss and thinning. Also experiment with lighter or darker color and highlights.
• Make the skin tanned. Making someone younger or not it always looks good. Using levels, increase the reds slightly (middle slider in the Red channel), lower green and blue, to create an overall tanner look. The amount of tan will vary with each individual, so use an adjustment layer so you can always go back and fix it if you want.
• You want to create a smooth skin tones with Levels (several adjustment layers–mainly one for shadows where you drag the middle RGB slider to the right, and one for highlights, where you drag it to the left), but don’t make it so smooth that there is no depth (see below)
• Always remember that Shadows and Highlights are what shape everything we see. To make someone look a little thinner, increase the shadows under their chin and on their cheeks, close to the ears with the Burn Tool.

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Date Added : 27-7-2015