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In this digital era, every business is expected to have a digital presence. It helps to boost the revenue of the business. Digital presence is nothing but a way how your business appears online. It is all about creating an online business identity. Being in business, you need to create an online presence of your business. Creating an online presence is all about creating a space online where you and your business is easily accessible for the people who are in search of you. The best digital marketing agency always recommends you to have a digital presence so that it helps you to reach your customers who are online these days. It is a digital era and most of your targeted customers happen to live online.
72 DPI SKILLZ one of the best digital marketing agencies, helps you to create your best online presence with their strategic market research, and provides you with the top digital marketing strategies.
Why do you need an online presence?
In the word of the digitalization, most of the audiences that are your targeted customers are present online. Their searching, purchasing, and problem-solving behavior have changed towards digital platforms. Creating a digital presence will help you to answer their search in the form of
Who you are?
What is your business about?
Where is your business located?
Why is your business existence?
How will your business and products help them solve their problems?

Following is an ultimate guide to digital marketing strategies that will help you to grow your business online with a strong online presence.
A digital marketing strategy is a plan with a series of digital marketing strategies that helps you to reach goals and objectives of your business with the help of digital marketing channels that include paid media, owned media, and earned media.
Following is a step by step guide that will help you to create a perfect digital marketing plan.

1. Create an ideal client persona
Before creating your digital marketing strategies, you need to create your buyer personas. Knowing your customers will help you best in planning your digital marketingstrategies. You should know for whom you are marketing. According to the buyer personas, you should create your digital marketing strategies. Creating buyers personas is nothing but creating a report regarding the demographics of your client.

2. Create your business and marketing goals
The prime aim of your marketing goals should be to satisfy your business goals. It will help you to identify your top priorities while planning various digital marketing strategies. It will help you to measure the success of your digital marketing strategies.

3. Determine present assets and existing digital channels
To prevent feeling overwhelmed or confused with various digital marketing channels, you should first evaluate the present media assets you as. It is similar to what you did while planning your business. Gather and organize your media channels or networks according to
Paid media network-Refers to the media networks you have paid to promote your advertisements example, Google Adwords, paid social media advertisements, etc.

Owned media network- Refers to the channels that your company owns namely social media profiles, various types of content, etc.

Earned media network-Refers to the media network you have earned through word of mouth and public relations efforts to generate and retain customers.

4. Determine and plan your owned media campaigns
It refers to the digital marketing campaignsthat involve the content created for marketing. It may include platforms such as website, social media profile, off-page SEO content, etc. A strong and quality content helps you to generate leads and convert them into your potential buyers. It also helps you to increase your digital presence by improving your search engine ranking. Exact and correct use of keywords helps you to create the best content. To improve the digital presence of your content, you should follow the following steps.
Evaluate your present content
Determine potholes in your content
Create a content creation plan

5. Determine and plan your paid media campaigns
You need to evaluate your existing paid media network. Suppose you have tried Google Adwords, but it is not giving you the estimated ROI, then its time to change your paid marketing channel or improve your advertisement content.

6. Determine and plan your earned media campaigns
Evaluating where your traffic and leads are generated, helps you to determine your ranking on various media platforms. It also helps you to plan digital marketing strategies to improve your online presence.

Collect data from the above digital marketing plan,list, and create a comprehensive report. Then according to it, plan various digital marketing strategiesthat will be effective. 72 DPI SKILLZ one of the best digital marketing agencies, helps you to create and improve the online presence that will help you to
Create a positive impression
Build relationships
Establishing constancy
Establishing authority
Creating and improving visibility



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