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Taroby is a web 2.0 SaaS based messaging and collaboration suite that enables sharing of email accounts among team members.
�Sharing� implies that emails are accessible to all team members working on a particular assignment or project, with the possibility to assign messages directly to individual team members.
Email seems to be one of the most efficient ways of communication in our time. In recent years however, it has evolved from a pure communication method to become many things more, resulting in jammed inboxes, unfinished work and frustrated managers. Most existing email applications have not done much to address this evolution. Taroby wants to change this:

In traditional email clients, the inbox is a mere interface to read and write emails. Taroby however is something different: Through its innovative functions, it makes the inbox much more powerful than ever before, providing new strategies and a competitive edge to the user for working more efficiently and productively. It empowers �normal� inboxes with a complete work flow, task management and ticket system and thus helps organizations to holistically improve their internal and external communications. It is ideally suited for SMEs or work groups of any kind.

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Date Added : 24-12-2008