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The Practical God - Spiritual Site
"The Practical God is a new age Spiritual Wellness and Self Help blog for those seeking happiness, solutions to their problems and wanting to lead a fulfilling and abundant life.  
TPG enriches you with simple God-Loving and Good-Living insights of the world to help lead a contended and blissful life"...
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spirituality nepal
Regulation of other bodily activities, the right side brain - also called the "philosophical or religious brain, conducts the sensory functions and the sensitive mental processes pertaining to - thinking, imagination, artistic creativity and the soft sentiments like compassion and devotion, intrinsic faith and emotional inclination etc. If there were sensitive instruments to measure and project the millisecond to millisecond activities of this majestic network then it would have become possible ...
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Sprituality and Contempoery Life issues
A unique repository of mystical utterances, at par with the highest spiritual words that mankind has ever known. This site contains more than 1000 articles on spiritual topics. Contemporary, yet timeless. Related to everyday life, yet carrying the essence of the beyond....
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Smartest Dan Alive is a blog about books, wellbeing and spirituality! The primary content on the blog is geared towards book reviews and writing. It also has some poems, essays on spirituality and happiness and some satirical pieces. ...
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Spiritual Travels
Spiritual Travels is a travel resource on traveling in East Asia, including the topics of traveling with kids, tea, and mindful travel. Comprehensive travel guides, created by the author of Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner....
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New African Spirituality
New African Spirituality is a community of artist dedicated to the study of history, culture, and art pertaining to African-Americans and African descendants throughout the diaspora.
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