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New Projects Information In India
Domex publishes newsletters about business opportunities, addresses of project promoters, statistics, industry developments, global economic happenings and the like. Industry sectors include infrastructure / construction, power, oil & gas, mining, coal, chemicals & petrochemicals, cement & building materials, engineering, metallurgy, transport equipment, electronics & telecom, textiles, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and hospitality.
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Flamingo diaries
I am Bhavya Vatrapu - An Indian Traveller, Foddie and a Peace seeker. This blog is all about Travel stories and Passion projects....
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Manas skill india project,Ministry of Minority Projects
An organisation devoted to provide quality skill development to the young population of the country so that they come under the wishlist of the industries in demand. Bright Bharat aims to make India not only the country of 1.32 billion people, but the country of 1.32 billion minds....
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