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Lyft Uber Newsletter
Heard about Uber yet? You can find out everything you need to know from a 1st person perspective when you visit Lyft Uber Newsletter....
Read more > Category: Business > Hits: 9 > Date Added: 22-10-2015
WebChicklet - Web Technology From A Chick's Perspective
A geeky chick gabs about web technology, computers, programming, and other fun geek stuff....
Read more > Category: Technologies > Hits: 5 > Date Added: 26-11-2008
Retail Perspectives - Ted Hurlbut'sRetail Blog
Retail Perspectives, the retail blog of Ted Hurlbut, Principal of Hurlbut & Associates, a retail consulting firm based in Foxboro Massachusetts, offers Ted's perspective, insights and opinions on all things retail....
Read more > Category: Business > Hits: 4 > Date Added: 27-5-2009
Making Memories
A personal blog in which 7-year-old Imogen shares her thoughts and reviews of children's books, films and activities from her unique perspective....
Read more > Category: Blog > Hits: 2 > Date Added: 28-8-2018
Insights - Computools
From Computools news and updates to our perspective and projects. Explore all our insights to be on topic in the IT world....
Read more > Category: Software > Hits: 1 > Date Added: 12-4-2019
Gratisoul celebrates the power of positive thinking, how to overcome negative thoughts and also how to motivate and inspire yourself to have a positive outlook towards life....
Read more > Category: Life > Hits: 1 > Date Added: 7-2-2019
InfoSec Justin
Justin writes about Information Security and other technology topics from the perspective of a Security Operations analyst....
Read more > Category: Technologies > Hits: 1 > Date Added: 23-1-2019
Pond Perspective
Written under the guise of a frog, follow the ponderings, triumphs and foibles of a single woman in Manila. I am a communication arts graduate who somewhere along the way ended up a banker - go figure! One thing's for certain, it ain't easy bein' green....
Read more > Category: Personal > Hits: 1 > Date Added: 13-8-2006
Pixie Perspective
Girls reviewing tv shows, movies, video games, anime, and books. ...
Read more > Category: Entertainment > Hits: 0 > Date Added: 1-9-2010
The Comic Perspective
Our blog offers fun nerd related post, from software, to new gadgets. It also features the coupons available for our software website and theme related coupon codes and blog post. We hope you enjoy it...
Read more > Category: Software > Hits: 0 > Date Added: 5-10-2014
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