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Coaching, Consulting services for investors, entrepreneur’s business ventures – Ahmedabad
Business Navigators one of the leading Consulting firm providing, advisory, Coaching and mentoring services in entrepreneurs business ventures, Investors as well as a shareholder to protect investment and Value. Business Navigators has been created as a holistic advisory and consulting firm with the objective to consult, coach, advice and mentor Small and Micro Businesses. The purpose of the Company is to help the Clients solve their strategic and tactical problems and thereby, make them GROW an...
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Nordic intent
Early stage startups with positive initial traction often face an uphill battle to gain growth metrics necessary to successfully raise a meaningful round of funding. Often, strong founding teams with quality products struggle with limited resources and funding options. Nordic Intent has programs that provide startups with access to investors and a pre-built network of potential customers. ...
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Manhattan Street Capital
We at Manhattan Street Capital provide a platform to bring together interested investors, mid-market businesses (plus select, low risk startups) and top-notch service providers. ...
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Odas Business Consulting
Founded in 2003, ODAS has grown significantly in its service offerings, which now include business counseling, strategic communications, lobbying European institutions, agencies and global organizations, and financial and investment consultancy.

ODAS GLOBAL CONSULTING is strongly visible in Romania today, along with European regions through its representatives. At the global level, the company undertakes broker investment and reduces the time involved for investors.

Among s...
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Create A One Pager To Pitch Your Startup To Investors
A one-pager is essentially a written pitch of your company. It is a simple and short document that gives a high-level overview of a product, service, or a business. It is like a modern version of a brochure.
Investors often see your one-pager; as the executive summary of your project. It is at-a-glance a fact sheet summarizing every important point about your business. One pager is used for promoting your business or what you’re offering, your vision and why you stand out from the compet...
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Walnut Street Finance Blog
Tips and Advice for Builders, Developers and Investors of All Skill Levels....
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Real Estate Investments Articles
Stay updated with the news and views of Pune's real estate scenario. The blog provides information for homebuyers, casual lookers and investors alike....
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Canadian Real Estate Network - For Investors By Investors
Canadian Real Estate Network - For Investors By Investors...
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Guide to Indian Investors, Foreign Investment in India
Indianinvestorsguide is a blog which give the advise and guide about indian finance and investment in india and foreign for the indian and foreign investors....
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Amazing Share Market Secrets
The place where all the financial securities are paid for or trade-in by the investors or the traders in the stock exchange. By purchasing the share, you’re making an investment within the company. Whereas the company grows, the
value of your share too can increase....
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