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TensorPort AI – Deploy models and Collaborate with Projects Easily
TensorPort is an Artificial Intelligence Development Platform which allows team to collaborate and build AI applications at large scale. TensorPort decreases the engineering tailback and allows data scientists to focus on large value data glitches rather than handling infrastructure and track experiment....
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Design inspirations from Ginnava
See how you can use the unique RealView™ experience on Ginnava platform to curated artwork for your spaces.Select coordinated artwork and visualize in your interiors before making a purchase. Share your curation and collaborate with easy-click tools....
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Practice management for group practices
Ever since the economic slowdown in 2008, group practices have seen a steady rise throughout the United States. This trend occurs when practices strive for efficiency in a competitive landscape. However, during this transformation, even when accounts have collaborated, and marketing efforts have coordinated, most group practices still work on systems inherited from their stakeholders. This means a set of non-compatible solutions have to be organized, and measures are taken for practice managemen...
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