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Sunset Catamaran and Morning Catamaran Tour in Playa Flamingo. Playa Flamingo is one of the most beautiful and Tararindo beach in the area. Lazy Lizard Sailing, Tamarindo catamaran tour offer Sunset and Morning Catamaran sailing tours with snorkeling opportunity. Our charters are full of adventures, entertaining and relaxation, the focus is to provide the best sailing experience to all of our customers. With a significant difference from everyone else around, we deliver with convenience tours, comfort, style and special exclusive contact experience.
Sunset Catamaran Tour
We never really know what a place is truly like when clouds cover the brilliance of the sky and everything it looks down on, and the wind picks up to chill your bones. The Sunsets, you and your partner will enjoy a beautiful view of the moon and stars. A crystal-clear evening, you can also see the legendary green flash at the moment of the sun's slips under the transient. Enjoy a romantic and tranquil evening, just as you love here with a partner.
This romantic sunset is the ideal place for quiet, dry water and colorful sunset for the sail it is difficult to come in love with the island and is with each other. A sailboat in Costa Rica catamaran tours will give a great experience.
Sunset tour in Playa Flamingo located in the Costa Rica Sailing, this tamarindo catamaran tour is a very well known vacation place for the unique culture and the tropical dry forests. Tararindo, Flamingo Beach to enjoy during the sailing tour, we provide an entirely unique perspective of the ocean we sail on and the shore we return. The lizard sailing Costa Rica offers Sunset catamaran for 4 full hours of unique experience to visitors.
The assortment nearness of marine life like turtles, whale's dolphins and more creatures depends solid on the season. In the event that you esteem the solace part of life as important, at that point you are ideal for us.
Sunset Catamaran Tour, provide the three different booking option for people like group wise up to 20,25 and 32 peoples. Lizard sailing is providing quality customer service and memories to last a lifetime. This is Family friendly and well known for a high level of customer service and professionalism. On the beautiful sunset catamaran tour, one of our highlights is safe, helpful and polite.
Morning Catamaran Tour
Did you know that you can see whales in Play Flamingos in Costa Rica, and other mixed aquatic plants during the morning hours? Welcome to the Lazy Lizard Sailing Catamaran Tour. This road is like a trip in the afternoon, but with less boat traffic to choose from the marine life. We set sail at 8:30 am and head north along the coast, enjoying the refreshing morning air.
Morning Catamaran tour begins when you walk with the old marina dock at Flamingo Beach in Tamarindo. You can sometimes see whales, dolphins and manta rays as well as beautiful scenery, above and below our world water infamous. This tour provides the three different way of booking for their tourists like group wise up to 10, 20 and 32 peoples. It's going to be so nice that you have your select Koozie option.
The Morning Catamaran Tour allows more time for activities than the other cruises, which is one of the many reasons families enjoy this trip so much. So welcome aboard the best family-friendly thing to do in Playa Flamingo, Tamarindo beach in Costa Rica Sailing.



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