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One of the main businesses of the Spica Group, Spica Elastic (India and Vietnam), produces narrow fabrics (elastic tapes, rigid tapes, knitted tapes and medical tapes). Spica has over 55 years of experience and has manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and India. Spica has established itself as one of the best manufacturers of high-quality narrow fabrics internationally.
Sewing thread has just been added to the product line of Spica, increasing its diversification. Sewing thread is a necessity for all of our customers because we work in the textile sector, and by producing it in-house, we can give them access to a wider choice of appealing products.
Established in 1965 in a modest plant in Pune, India, Spica Group has grown locally and internationally, establishing itself as the top manufacturer of high-quality narrow fabrics with more than 55 years of experience.
The top brands in the world use Spica's products for thin and rigid fabrics, intimates, medical textiles, furniture, socks, and garments.



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Date Added : 12-11-2022