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Sometimes destruction plays a vital role in the creation of beauty. Tanzania is a brilliant example of it. The country is the pride of Africa and the land of volcanoes, some active, some sleeping, and some entirely dead. The crater has proved to be a boon to the country giving space to wildlife, nature, and in turn tourism. Though when you explore it you won’t get a feeling that you are standing at a place where millions of years ago stood a volcano. This fact is proven by archeologists of the country. Besides, there are many tourist destinations, which are kept intact to their originality, for the tourists.

All the more you will feel Tanzania, being a blend of miracles of nature and a wave of history having a home for some buzzing while some laid back silent beaches that are idols for super relaxed snorkeling and scuba diving. Now let’s explore wonderful Tanzania, through the eyes of Cars in Africa, one of the best car rental agencies in Africa:

Mount Kilimanjaro: Whether or not you know Zuma rock of Abuja or not, Mount Kilimanjaro is known by all. It is the highest mountain peak in Africa. The interesting fact about Mount Kilimanjaro is that it was created when three volcanic cones- Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira came together due to the movements of tectonic plates. The mountain is a dormant volcano that rises through forest, farmland, and meadows and reaches the height to form a lunar landscape. its peak looks like the surface of the moon, maybe that’s why it is said as “Lunar landscape”. The sleeping volcanic mountain’s peak is all covered by snow giving it a sparkling white touch irresistible to watch. If you want to give yourself a break from wildlife and the greenery and want to treat your eyes to something cool, then Mount Kilimanjaro invites you to Book Outstation cabs and see the beauty for yourself.

Serengeti National Park: Unlike other parks, where you obviously expect a lot of trees, whether pine or something else, Serengeti National park is something entirely different. It is a vast grassland without a single tree, but still nurtures a great deal of wildlife involving the big 5 and the migration of hundreds of species. The big 5 are the basic animals for which Tanzania wildlife safari is known for and migration is a spectacular natural phenomenon that can take your breath away. Moreover, this phenomenon is not to be seen so lavishly in any other place. Only Tanzania gives you a golden opportunity to witness this great migration. A luxury car rental from Cars in Africa is the best way to treat your eyes with this amazing activity.

Mafia Island: Don’t go with the universal and literal meaning. In Africa, “Mafia” means, “A healthy- dwelling place”. What else can be said to be more healthy when mental health is pink. The island takes care of that. Almost untouched by the human race, the island is the perfect place for snorkeling. The place is a special attraction for its sea-green clear water, coral garden, colorful fish, and breeding for the green turtles.

Tanzania has so much to give even if you want to take a break from the wildlife. It has a special place in the geography of Africa, because the highest peak of Africa and lowest points in the sea level, both are there in Tanzania. For a better experience, for the trip, it is better to get a luxury car rental service from Cars in Africa. The fleet is large and has a car for every budget. Besides, customer` satisfaction and comfort is the first priority for the company.



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