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Introduction to JOOMLA,
Joomla installation
Working with Article Manager, Category Manager, Menu Manager
Working with Template Manager , User Manager, Module Manager
Working with the Extension Manager Media Manager, GlobaConfiguration
Working with inbuilt Componen? Customization inbuilt Components and Modules
Using External plugin in joomla website
Converting HTML template in joomla theme
Creating user defined modules
Creating user defined components


Introduction to Wordpress
Wordpress installation
Working with post, media, pages, comments
Working with appearance ,user, tools, setting
Working with plugin in Wordpress website
Using external plugin in wordpress website
Working with widgets in Wordpress
Converting Html template to Wordpress theme
CRUD operation using database in Wordpress
Creating user defined plugins in Wordpress
Creating user defined widgets in Wordpress


Introduction to Drupal
Drupal installation
Working with content, structure, Appearance, people
Working with module , configuration, report
Creating user define modules in Drupal website
Working with the theme in Drupal website
Converting html theme in to Drupal website theme
CRUD operation based user module
Creating administrator module in Drupal websit

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Date Added : 10-8-2015