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Aawadkrupa Industries


Aawadkrupa Industries is very pioneer and up to mark n developing manufacturer of Rope Making Machines & High Speed Rope Making Machines in India since year 1996. Since, the year 2000 company started manufacturing of monofilament extrusion plant & the entire turnkey project for plastic rope factory. Afterwards we established another company named "Aawadkrupa Plastomech Pvt. Ltd.", in year 2005. Which are the neighbor company of "Aawadkrupa Industries" by expanding our production capacity & manufacturing facilities. The company today is an ISO 9001:2008 & CE certified.
The company has setup latest technology and modern Machine Shop with many types of Machinery like VMC, Double column VMC, CNC machines etc... We have in-house facility for R & D department, Messer-Plasma cutter, Hobbin machine, Sand Blasting, Powder Coating etc. We are manufacturing best of quality branded equipments with help of our core engineering team.


Aawadkrupa Industries have ultra modern infrastructure spanning in 3,05,000 sq.ft. Land areas with 75,000 sq.ft which is constructed area 4,500 sq.ft., office building situated near Bhavnagar. The Company builds up best standards manufacturing facilities to give customer satisfaction through consistency in quality. Our growth through technological advancement has been key factor in the company's growth in this ever changing competitive market environment.

Revolution & Development

Early in the ‘70s, Aawadkrupa Industries realized that the future would have demanded a quick technological innovation and because of that considerably strengthened its research and development departments. The result was a launch on to the market of a series of models of rope layers and twisters absolutely revolutionary which traced a new path in the field of twine and rope making machinery.
At the end of the ’70s, the importance of supplying turn-key projects to customers became evident to Aawadkrupa Industries headquarters, including lines for yarn manufacturing, completing its production upstream of the twisting and rope making phase.


The three decades of Aawadkrupa Industries has been manufacturing a very wide range of extrusion lines. Theresearch approach of this new division was immediately recognized the market and also by the Italian Government, which is greatly certifying the character of innovation of this company.
Due to the production increase and the introduction of new technologies a radical reorganization and further strengthening of Aawadkrupa Industries was then necessary, with subsequent move to the very modern factory .



For a long time Aawadkrupa Industries has been and still is a multi-national Company and during the last years such performances has more increased with the opening of various seats all over the world that are not only commercial offices, but structures that interact with their own reference markets.
Since its foundation, Aawadkrupa Industries objective has always been “Aawadkrupa Industries customers”, both as regards the satisfaction of their needs as well as opinion sharing to develop their production strategies. And also excellence, both in the realization of our products and in the ability to supply our customers with a working system and a “know how”, which have been a distiguishing sign and a mark of SIMA all over the world.

- To provide best of quality products to our customer & maintain long term business relationship.
- Poised to be Global Plastic Extruder & Rope Making Machine Manufacturer.
- To become World best leader to supply our product.


There are two catagories of products


Best Row finishing.
Maximizing output / production.
Excellent quality twist.
Special designs of the machine.
Rope Lay S & Z Type.
Adjustable Twist in Stand.
A.V.M. Paid for vibration free & smooth working.
Sliding Cover for smooth & quick operation for safety propose.
‘V’ Belt and Timing Belt Drive.
High speed Rope making machine.
Optimum production & Easy to operate.
Best yarn quality & high productivity.
Uniform counterbalancing.


The machinery required for manufacturing of the Plastic ropes are Monofilament extrusion plant, color mixer, extra bobbin winder, rope making machine, coiling machine, ply yarn twister, feeding bobbins, electronic weighing machine and box strapping machine etc.
Plaited rope is made by braiding twisted strands. Where Other rope construction includes combinations of these three techniques such as a three-strand twisted core with a braided cover. The concept of forming fibers or filaments into yarn and yarn into strands or braids is fundamental to the rope-making process.
Braided ropes are generally made from nylon, polyester, polypropylene or high performance fibers such as high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) and agamid. Nylon is chosen for its strength and elastic stretch properties.


Aawadkrupa Industries after Sales is your disposal offering a wide range of services to the satisfaction of your requirements, covering the shelf- life of our machines, with a customer-oriented attitude. Our “expert’s team” is composed by skilled technicians, who are giving a quick and precise support, both for mechanical and electrical problems.


Our Technical Department’s staff is composed by engineers directly in contact with the Planning Department, in order to give a prompt and effective answer. Furthermore, we have local technicians in some countries trained and co-ordinate by Company’s headquarter able to give a valid and quick support to the customers.


The Company extrusion lines are conceived to allow, if requested, the remote supervision of the parameters of the running line thanks to a simple data connection, thus allowing an immediate and effective help.

Together with our machines, we always supply the list of the mechanical parts, as part of the technical documentation. The spare parts manual has the purpose to facilitate the identification of the spare parts to be ordered upon request.
An efficient “staff team” able to speak most of the European languages, is able to satisfy all requirements coming from all around the world. Upon request, the SERVICE Department can provide a list of the spare parts suggested for a two-years period, specific for each machine type.



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