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Welcome to the home of Roof Repair Katy, your number one source in the Katy area for all things roof related and more. We bring you the services you need to ensure that your Katy area roof and property are continually as pristine and solid as the day they were installed.

​It has always been our ambition to be not only the number one source for roof repairs in the Katy area, but also to expand our services to include more areas of residential and commercial properties, bringing you a one stop solution for multiple aspects of your property with the same high level of quality and integrity put into every job.

When looking for services in the Katy area regarding roof repairs, leak repairs, gutter systems, fencing and more, you can depend on Roof Repair Katy to bring you the best. We specialize in a number of aspects of your Katy property, and are dedicated to bringing you the highest level of quality in a number of services for the Katy area.

​For any and all information regarding our service offerings, we invite you to call into our offices at any time during our business hours to speak with a qualified professional. We can assist you with everything form inquiries to service bookings, so call today.

Residential Roofing
Roof Repair Katy brings you the professional services you need for a number of residential roofing needs. From installation, to repair, maintenance, inspection and more, you can depend on the professional experience of roofers from Roof Repair Katy. We are dedicated to keeping Katy beautiful with the highest quality handiwork when it comes to your Katy residential roofing needs.

Commercial Roofing
Much like our residential offering, we also bring you a wealth of services for your Katy area commercial property. We are fellow business owners in the area, and we know that first impressions are everything. We bring you a service that will provide you with a roof that continually leaves the best first impression.

Roof Repairs
For any minor or major damages to your Katy area roof, Roof Repair Katy is the company you need to have beside you. We bring you a professional specialized service that will bring you the quality repairs you seek. We built our reputation, and our name on our roof repair offerings, and one visit from our roofers will have you finding out why.

Roof Leaks
Leaks can stem from a number of different issues, and knowing exactly how to locate and treat them is important when it comes to your particular issue. When choosing Roof Repair Katy as your roof leak specialists, you can be sure that we will track down the root of your leak, and tend to it in a way that will end the issue for good.

Insurance Claims
Donít fear using your insurance to your advantage when needed. This aspect of your monthly payments is put into place specifically for when you need it, and when large damages strike your Katy area roof, you need it. We bring you professional assessments in the wake of storms and other issues, and assist you with every step of your insurance claim, up to and including the repairs provided.

Hail Damage Assessment
Hail has the capability to cause untold damages to your Katy area roof, and knowing specifically the level of damage youíre dealing with is important to know whether or not you need to involve your insurance company. We bring you an assessment service that will have you acquiring up to the minute information as to the status of your roof, and an accurate as possible repair estimate.

Wind Damage Assessment
We also provide you with the same level of commitment when it comes to damages incurred by wind. Whether you worry that more than just the surface materials of your roof have been damaged, or otherwise, you can rely on Roof Repair Katy to bring you the most accurate assessment of the current state of your roof at any time.

Gutters and Downspouts
We bring you a professional service that will tend to more than just your roof. On top of other services we offer, our gutter and downspout service is one of the best in the city. We bring you the means to expertly have installed a complete gutter and downspout system to protect your roof and nearby property from falling rain and other such debris in the area.

Exterior Siding
Moving further down your home, we also bring you a high quality exterior siding service that will have your entire home looking beautiful from the outside. Whether youíre looking to add a new faux rock look, or replacing the paneling to an upgraded version of the one you currently have installed, you can be sure that Roof Repair Katy will bring you the best and highest quality end results.

Drywall and Painting
We do more for your Katy area home than just the exterior, we also provide you with a full service, and high quality painting and drywall service that will have your interior matching your exterior in beauty and design. Whether you need new drywall installed, a paint job for the new nursery, or otherwise, you can rely on Roof Repair Katy to bring you highly experienced services at all times.

Moving beyond the physical boundary of your home itself, you find your fence encircling your perimeter, and Roof Repair Katy isnít done offering service yet. We bring you the same level of quality and care when it comes to every aspect of your Katy area residences fence as well.
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