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If you want your pool to look its best, you need to keep on top of maintenance. Not only does this mean your water stays clear and healthy, it also prevents problems which can arise from a lack of proper care. Today, we’re giving you some useful information on what you need to do to keep up your pool’s cleaning and maintenance.
Keeping it clean

Although your filter will be working hard to keep you pool free from dirt, it can’t do it all on its own! If you don’t keep on top of it, debris can quickly build up in the pool which places pressure on your filter. Regularly skim the surface of your pool to get rid of surface debris and check your skimmer basket on a weekly basis. Invest in a long handled, stiff brush which you can use to brush the sides of the pool so the filter can then draw in the loosened dirt. If you have a pool vacuum, bring that out on a weekly basis in the summer months.

Balancing the chemicals

Keeping your water balanced and healthy means your pool stays looking its best. In the warmer months, test at least weekly and even more regularly during periods of heavy use. In the colder months, you can stick to every few weeks but don’t neglect your pool altogether – it will be much harder to get it back up to standard it you do. You can either bring a sample of water into your local pool shop or give a home testing kit a try.

Maintaining your equipment

To maintain a sand pool filter, backwash at least monthly to flush out the filter. The frequency of backwashing may need to increase during the summer months. With your cartridge filter, remember to check the filter element regularly and hose off accumulated dirt and debris. Keep an eye on the pressure of your filter as this will be a good indicator of when it needs to be cleaned. To prevent your pool pump running dry, always ensure that your water level comes halfway up the skimmer basket.

Calling in the experts

Even if you keep on top of your pool cleaning and maintenance, there may be times where you need some extra help. If you’re struggling to get your pool up to standard, are having issues with your pool equipment, or are experiencing issues such as a green pool, give your pool technician a call. They’ll be able to conduct a service and any repairs, as well as helping with troubleshooting.

If you need some expert help with pool cleaning and maintenance, you can rely on the expert team at Pool Assist. All of our pool service technicians undergo initial and ongoing training, and are able to carry out repairs as necessary. We also carry a range of pool accessories, such as pool covers.

For swimming pool cleaning by the professionals, speak with Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62.

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