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You spent sleepless nights studying for good grades and carried out an extensive research to make sure you land a seat for yourself into the college/ university of your choice – rather an internship of your dreams! The course has been great so far and you are glad that you have made an informed decision. But what next? How do you see yourself one year, two years…five years down the line? What kind of job would you like to do? We, at PursueAsia, understand these thoughts that are ever present in a student’s mind.
Internship is an integral part of a student’s life and helps pave the way for a brighter future ahead. An internship at a world class company means that you are well groomed for the promising career that lies ahead of you. That’s where PursueAsia comes into picture. PursueAsia, a leading name when it comes to providing internships with the best of multi-national companies. We primarily provide internships to university students and graduates from all across the globe and help in bridging the gap between the students and the global corporates.
Why a multi-national company? Why not intern with one of the locals firms? In this age of globalization, it is important to gain an exposure at a multi-national company as the job market gets more competitive day by day and the demand of skilled professionals goes up every day. And no, students need not fret but take this as a chance for better learning opportunities and it will only translate into bringing closer better prospects for a full time employment. As an intern, you will not just learn the technical know-how but also be groomed about the ways and means in which a professional conducts himself/ herself, get a chance to expand your network outside of your college and city – be a part of global professional network; among the other obvious benefits like a global internship program will enhance your resume, take you ahead of the competition and be counted for college credit.
At PursueAsia, students can fulfil that dream of landing an internship with a global company. Students have an option of taking up either a 4 week or an 8 week internship across sectors like – Law, Engineering, Hotel Management, Fashion Designing, Marketing, Supply chain among many others. PursueAsia isn’t an organization to guarantee an internship and once you enrol, forget all about it. PursueAsia stands by you through the entire process, right from the moment you enrol with us till you complete your internship. PursueAsia makes sure that students are taken care of and team of PursueAsia is always in touch with students should they need any assistance or guidance.
Choose PursueAsia and you choose a fruitful internship opportunity, an exposure to different cultures and varied working environment – an important chapter in your successful and fulfilling professional career.
Read more about us at or feel free to reach us at (020)65310510 for any inquiry or to explore the possibilities of an enriching internship opportunity.

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Date Added : 30-7-2015