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Here is 5 quick and actionable SEO tips you can implement in your business

1. Tip - Create better content

Creating better and higher quality content than your competition is a good way of getting more dwell time and increase your organic rankings in a natural way

2. Tip - Only focus on quality backlinks

Never go for quantity when you think backlinks. Only go for links if they're relevant and make sense for your website and business.

3. Tip - Increase your loading speed

A slow website is going to kill your business if you haven't optimised it right. Check Googles page speed insight and make sure you have a score over 80.

4. Tip - Make your content feel real and genuine

Make your content natural, real and personal to make a better connection for your readers and customers

5. Tip - Internal linkbuilding

This is often skipped, but if you don't do it right, you'll miss out on a huge FREE SEO gain because this can lower your bounce rate and increase your time on site.



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