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Leo Investigations was a brand name formed by E.NIXON in the year 2008, based at Bangalore. He was a Jesuit through out his academics. He has Dedicated his precious tenure in this field of Private Investigations with various Intelligence and security agencies at Bangalore. Leo Investigation marked the be a intelligence support, tailored to meet the needs of all clients with various economic back ground.Confidentiality is the key success to all rightly executed operations and has to be maintained latter to the operations to safeguard the interest of the client and operation.He was well trained under Lt.Col.N.M.Pai (Retd) Intelligence. And had good bench mark in all the assignment assigned. His expertise earned lot of appreciation from the clients and the Agency-Heads. He was a key person in executing an operation. All operation was handled with various level of measures for example surveillance operation needs ground study, a suitable modus operandi with supporting strategies and subjectís movement tracking complications have to be over come in the course of the operation. His expertise and constant exercise have made him near to perfection, yet no body are perfect in this field.He was also an investigation, (operations) trainer and has generated good ground operatives with great tackling calibers for some agencies.

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Date Added : 17-4-2016