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Everyone wants crystal clear pool water – not only does it look better, it also shows that your pool is healthy. However, so many people struggle with uninviting, murky looking pool water. Cloudy water is the result of tiny particles entering the water, and the level of contamination can vary between very slight cloudiness to being unable see the bottom of the pool. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the reason behind cloudy water and what you can do about it.
Chemical Imbalance

Maintaining a pool requires you to regularly check your chemical levels so the water is balanced and sanitary – if your levels are off, the water can become cloudy. If you find that your water is becoming cloudy, it could be due to a high pH level of over 7.8 as this causes chlorine to become less effective. High alkalinity can also result in cloudiness. To combat these issues, carry out regular pool water testing and adjust your chemicals as required. Aim for weekly testing during summer, and every few weeks during the colder months. At home test kits make this process easy.

Filtration Issues

The most common cause of a cloudy pool is filtration issues, which means that contaminants aren’t being filtered out. In many cases, it could simply be that you’re not running your filter for long enough – remember that it needs to run for at least 7 – 8 hours per day in summer. Remember to keep on top of backwashing your sand filter or cleaning out your cartridge filter elements to ensure that build up isn’t preventing water from flowing freely. If you’ve tried basic maintenance on your filter without success, it may be time to call on your pool technician to take a look at your filter to check for damage and any other issues.

Environmental Reasons

One of the easiest ways for tiny particles to enter the water and cause cloudiness is through environmental factors such as dust and pollen, leaves and debris, and insects Be vigilant with your pool maintenance by scooping up visible debris from the surface of the pool and running your pool filter – you may also want to invest in a pool cover if you get heavy leaf fall. Cloudy water can also be the result of algae and this can be treated by shocking the water by super chlorinating your pool and adding algaecide and flocculent if necessary.

Here at Pool Assist, we provide professional pool cleaning service to ensure your pool stays clean and healthy. We don’t just keep your pool clean – our certified technicians also carry out servicing and repairs to ensure that your pool equipment continues to run optimally throughout the year. We take care of the dirty work so you don’t have to!

For quality pool service and repair, speak with the team at Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62.

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Date Added : 11-7-2018

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