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Looking into a career as a phlebotomy technician is a great way to enter a profession that is in demand. A phlebotomist is a medical professional that has expertise in blood drawing. Around the country there are many phlebotomy schools to assist an individual in their desire to enter this field. The reason that there is such a demand for phlebotomy technicians is because it is skill that is needed at so many different kinds of medical facilities. A person with the right skills and training will find job opportunities at a wide variety of institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and medical laboratories. There are some requirements an individual must fulfill and some things that should be known before starting on the path to becoming a phlebotomy technician.

A phlebotomy technician has much more responsibility than just collecting blood samples; a phlebotomist needs to be a well trained individual with an eye for detail. Often times a phlebotomist is required to record patient information, collect blood and other biological samples and perform basic first aid. A phlebotomy course will teach students all of the skills necessary to becoming a certified phlebotomy technician. The most specialize part of a phlebotomy course will be teaching students the fundamental skills of venipuncture. Venipuncture is the scientific term for accessing a patients veins and collecting blood. Further the phlebotomy course will definitely cover the knowledge of and protocols for infectious disease control.
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