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A comprehensive guide to growing orchid in India

The land of rich biodiversity India has different climatic conditions spread across its length and breadth which makes it the apt destination for growing different kinds of plants. Different varieties of flowering plants and other kinds can be grown to lay the most beautiful lawns, gardens and indoor decorations. Orchids are a very common as well as popular choice.

What varieties of orchid online are available in India?

A country that is warm throughout the year but has temperature plummeting in winter. Its climate is ideal for growing different kinds of orchids. The wonderful shapes and colours are the characteristics of the orchids that make them favourite choice among people who maintain gardens outdoors and indoors as well as lawns.

Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Dendrobium orchid India, Oncidium, Vandaceous, Paphiopedilum are the common varieties that are popularly grown in India. Rich and vibrant colors of pink, blue, yellow, red and more, big and small flowers are well liked and popular.

Orchid plant will be grown indoors

Don't you have a garden? Don't you have any place outdoors to plant orchids and grow them? Well, here is a great news. You could grow orchids indoors. One should maintain the right temperature as well as the amount of light available.

During hot summers the plant would require more water. During winters one should ensure that the temperature is warm which would be a problem for places like offices which would shut down their heating system at the end of the day.

There are several plant holders which make optimum use of space to accommodate plants. Hand rail pots can be used to hold plants and be hooked onto rails. Hanging baskets could accommodate plants without occupying ground space.

Windows sills are ideal places Windows help the plant to be exposed outside to sunlight. The directions towards which the window faces is important. The window which faces east or west would get one half cycle of sunlight. One can draw the blinds to protect the plants from the harsh sunlight.

Perfect shade of green indicates proper sunlight exposure. Dark and light color of the leaves indicate under exposure and over exposure respectively.

The watering routine Orchid for sale India are epiphytes. This means they grow on tall plants and trees with their roots dangling freely in the air. They are different from parasites in that they do not absorb nutrients from those plants. They absorb moisture from the air using a special coating in their roots.

From this one can note that they do not need more water. Let the plant medium to dry out a bit before watering the plant. Do not pour excess water as it would suffocate the roots. Wash the medium of waste produced by the plant.

The blooms would last for several days at a stretch. When the bloom dries out one can cut the bloom entirely. The plant would become dormant for sometime during which the light exposure and watering would decrease.

Now, are you ready to grow some orchids indoors and make your living space or office space lovely?
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