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Meditation Guru is not a personality. It is Knowledge.
Meditation Guru welcomes you to the temple of Knowledge to Enlighten and to become a Creator.
Meditation guru Meditation Center, India guides you to learn and master the Meditation Technique through guided Meditation Techniques.
Meditation Guru guides to learn the Meditation Technique for beginners who are eager to learn the Meditation Techniques.
Meditation Guru guides how to do Meditation with utmost clarity. The Knowledge and Guided Meditation techniques we impart is of immense value to lead a happy and blissful life.
Meditation Guru guides in person at our Meditation Center situated at Mysore, India to learn and master the Guided Meditation Techniques for beginners and advance Meditation spiritual seekers.
Meditation guru guides you to undertake Research in Spirituality at our Meditation Center situated at Mysore, India for true seekers of Spirituality.
Meditation guru created Meditation music, music audio tape, music cd, guided meditation audio, guided meditation video to learn and master the Guided Meditation Technique.
Meditation guru guides to understand the problems in Life and to come out with greater understandings. Meditation Guru guides Children to learn and Master the Meditation. Children are the best Meditators. Meditation Guru guides Women to learn Meditation Technique and to understand relationships, pregnancy, birth, caring of child.
Meditation Guru guides to learn the Spirituality and Spiritual Science. By learning and understanding the Spirituality and Spiritual Science, one will be able to live with greater understandings and with Bliss.
Meditation Guru provided world-class visual images to guide and to understand Meditation, Energy Body, Third Eye, Astral Travel, Nirvana and Enlightenment. Meditation Guru has Meditation video cd ‘Spiritual Reality-Journey Within’ created by masters of SPACE. Spiritual Reality-journey Within is Meditaion video cd in DVD and VCD formats.
Meditation Guru is the way to lead a happy, peaceful, harmonious life, to understand the purpose of life, to obtain Knowledge and to be blissful at all times and situations.
Meditation Guru is here to transform you to live in the state of bliss beyond dualities by commune with the Self and thereby elevate to the state of Creator.
Meditation Guru is run by Spiritual Masters who have done Research for decades on Spiritual Science and Life Science. They are here to share their knowledge to you all the 24/7 hours and days.

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Date Added : 23-6-2015