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When Sara works on you, her goal is two-fold.

First, she helps athletes with recovery from training. Whether your training includes Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Strongman, Yoga, Barre, Cycling, Running, Swimming, or some combination of these, recovery is critical. Even a long Saturday in the yard can leave you with sore, achy muscles. That's why recovery is so critical.

Second, when Sara is working on you, she is focused on injury prevention. You might be thinking, "I'm here for a massage because I'm already hurting. How is this injury prevention?" Great question! The sort of hurt you feel after training is not necessarily the same thing as an injury. After a vigorous workout, you might have sore muscles, tight tendons, stiff ligaments, or uncomfortable connective tissue. These symptoms usually go away with time, but continuing to train while ignoring these symptoms can result in acute injury and/or chronic injury.

​Maintaining healthy soft tissue can help prevent both types of injury, and the best way for an athlete to improve their soft tissue health is with regular soft tissue work done by a licensed massage therapist who specifically focuses on athletes and their needs - i.e. Sara!
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