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Feast your eyes on my face for Quirk! Hewn from the Rock, Sculptured from the Dust. Stone for Bone, I am Mac, and very pleased to meet you.

So stood the Artist's Statement for Ian McArthur at the pinnacle of his career, for the award winning design, 'Earth's Curve', his most ambitious piece and supreme winner of the prestigious Gemmological Association of Australia's Australian Gemstones in Jewellery Design Awards for the year 2000.

After a string of awards you are still likely to find Mac in an ironstone opal stained pair of shorts, sorting opal in dirty water, or cutting the stone whilst being sprayed with dirty water, or bent over his bench, concentrating on wrapping the stone in precious metals, still very down to earth, and with his quicksilver mind mulling over the next project.

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Date Added : 12-8-2006