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Earlier this year there was news of a fundraiser by Lord David Prosser to help build a school, dormitories and clinic in Uganda for the street children rescued by Baron Cornelius von Berenberg-Gossler who turned his back on the banking concern to devote his life to helping the poor of Uganda.
Now Lord David strikes again in an attempt to bring the world a bit closer on a website full of smiles and hugs. Sick of the Fundamentalists painting half the world evil because of religious differences, he has launched a website intended to put Friends First-Faith Second.A place where Jew helps Moslem and finds that neither have the forked tail they expected. Friendship , advice and help are the order of the day. There are heads of the Buthidar Movement as it is called, in the UK, The USA nad in Turkey though there are members from other countries too.
Lord Prosser says if anyone feels they would like to head a mission in their country and start recruiting to apply on the site. Lets undermine the loudest fundamentalist voices by choosing our friends ourselves, he says.



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Date Added : 5-9-2009