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If you're following us on Pinterest, you will notice that we've recently started a new board named 'work style' as the name suggests, it's the place we'll be adding all of our inspiration for work place outfits including ladies office shoes.

While it's important to remain presentable and professional in the workplace, it's also just as important to add your own personality to an outfit. Taking inspiration from our board, we love a power suit, complemented by the Yas black suede ladies ballerina shoes, they can be surprisingly comfortable and can really put you in the right mindset for the day ahead If you're not ready to wear a full on power suit to work, why not try adding a blazer to your usual outfit? The right outfit can really change your day and a blazer is a great with comfortable flat shoes place to start!

For tones, we love a neutral camel and beige tones are easy to team with anything and are flattering too, these can be matched with the cream bonessi ballerina pumps.

The small details are just as important as the clothes, so accessories shouldn't be overlooked! Adding some statement jewellery can really bring a simple outfit together and a quality bag and great pair of ladies flat shoes will finish off your look.

What are your styling tips for workplace fashion? Feel free to leave us a comment on our Instagram @Bonessiballerinas as we'd love to hear from you!



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